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Why We Are the Best Prenatal Clinic in Atlanta

Quality Service

At CIMA, we offer comprehensive and specialized care to pregnant women in Atlanta, ensuring their health and the baby’s well-being. All our moms deliver at the prestigious Northside Hospital, renowned as the best delivery hospital in the United States.


We deliver prenatal care that treats pregnant women with respect, compassion, and empathy, offering comprehensive support both medically and emotionally.

Respect and Equality

Our prenatal clinic strives to understand and meet the individual needs of pregnant women, regardless of their condition or background, by offering compassionate support and adapting our services to provide comfort and well-being to provide help focused on the well-being and comfort of the mother and the baby.

Our Services

Family Planning

CIMA provides comprehensive family planning services, featuring a wide range of contraceptive options.


CIMA offers comprehensive ultrasound services at each clinic to accurately determine how many weeks into your pregnancy you are.

Sexually Transmitted Disease

CIMA can provide testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) for you and your partner.

Pregnancy Test

Our urine-based pregnancy tests are FREE. Results are delivered confidentially by CIMA staff, who can address any questions or concerns you may have about the test results.

Prenatal Care

Prenatal care is a crucial component of health management during pregnancy. Our doctors and nurses will monitor the development of your future baby and perform routine tests to detect and prevent potential issues.

We accept most health insurance plans in Georgia

At our prenatal clinic in Atlanta, we accept most health insurance plans to ensure you always receive comprehensive and quality care.

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Pregnancy Test

Urine pregnancy tests are FREE. The results are delivered privately by CIMA staff, who can address
 any questions or concerns you may have based on the result.

Why Choose Our Prenatal Clinic in Atlanta

At CIMA, we love what we do and are dedicated to caring for your family during this special time—pregnancy and parenthood.
We value diversity and believe in providing quality care to all women, regardless of their income, health insurance, citizenship, ethnicity, nationality, or immigration status.

We have agreements with the best health
centers, such as Northside Hospital

If you are pregnant in Atlanta, you have probably wondered how to have your delivery at Northside Hospital.
At CIMA, we have a special agreement with this renowned hospital. Once you receive our prenatal care,
we will refer and accompany you, ensuring you can deliver your baby at Northside Hospital or the hospital of your choice.

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It is never too late to care for the life of your future baby. Remember that prevention and care at this stage are critical aspects of a healthy life in the future. Let us accompany you.

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