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Discover all our
prenatal services in Atlanta

At CIMA, we offer a wide range of prenatal services
to meet all your needs during pregnancy.

Prenatal ultrasound in Atlanta

In CIMA, we offer prenatal ultrasound services in all our clinics to determine the weeks of gestation and obtain clear images of your developing baby. Our team of professionals is highly trained to conduct these studies and provide accurate information about the stage of your pregnancy.

Prenatal care in Atlanta

Prenatal care is crucial in maintaining health during pregnancy. At CIMA, our specialized doctors and nurses will thoroughly monitor your baby’s development and conduct routine tests to detect and prevent potential issues early on. Our goal is to ensure your well-being and that of your future baby at every stage of pregnancy.

Family Planning in Atlanta

In CIMA, we offer comprehensive family planning services for women, where you will find various contraceptive methods available. Our team of professionals will provide the necessary information and guide you in choosing the most suitable method.

Sexually Transmitted Disease
Testing in Atlanta

At CIMA, we understand the importance of early detection and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Our medical team is trained to perform tests and offer the appropriate treatment for you and your partner, ensuring your health and well-being.